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Originally a clone-only phenotype of Super Silver Haze, Cat Piss is a sativa-dominant strain that has a uniquely pungent ammonia-like stench reminiscent of its name. It has been crossed with other strains to create seed lines with varying phenotypes including indica-dominant varieties, however it is generally considered to be more of a sativa. The flavors are sweet with undertones of pine, and the high is uplifting and cerebral with a nice relaxing body feel that makes it a good option for daytime use.


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Cat Piss is a sativa marijuana strain and phenotype of Super Silver Haze. This strain produces uplifting effects that leave the consumer feeling happy and functional. Cat Piss features sweetand piney flavors. This strain gets its namesake because some say its uniquely pungent aroma is reminiscent of cat piss. Medical marijuana patients choose to help relieve symptoms associated with nauseaheadachesarthritis and chronic pain. Cat Piss is a Sativa dominant hybrid that many people pass over due to its name and the pungent stench it exudes. People seem to have extreme views of this strain. Either they love it or they’re not fond of it at all. Those whom attest to it being amongst the best they have ever had love the strain because of the purely cerebral high it produces. It reportedly fills users uplifting feelings of a mellow happiness and a positive creativity. The strain can have a faint body high but with no couchlock; leaving many users feeling energized. Most users recommend having food on hand as Cat Piss induces powerful munchies, despite the unappetizing name. Aside from the expected dry eyes and cotton mouth users may experience paranoia and dizziness. Some users also have headaches while using this strain.

This strain has a disgusting name, and to make it worse than it appears to be, its name is justified. In other words, it has a pungent stench of ammonia.

Now, before you dismiss Cat Piss, you should know that it does not taste all that bad at all. The truth is that the fragrance of the strain itself is acquired. You might be repelled at the beginning, but in time, you sort of just get used to the aroma, and then you realize how good this Sativa-dominant strain is, after all.

Originally, Cat Piss is a phenotype of Super Silver Haze. Since it came out into the market, another strain was bred, which some people think might be a cross between the original strain and Trainwreck.

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